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Old Town Dubovac

There are a few ways of getting there... I'd personally recommend it on foot as You need about 45 minutes walking from our apartment to the top of the Old Town.

Going on foot through the town and at the end climbing the stairs to the top is pretty cool. The climb is pretty stern but cool as You go through the wood and visit the Church "Crkva Majke Božje Snježne" - for which people say is one of the most beautiful churches around.

Here is the link to the route if You want to take it:

-> https://bit.ly/Dubovac <-

When climbing up take care if it is rainy as it can get pretty slippery :) but I'd recommend it anyway because when You climb to the top there is an awesome reward - the view! There are benches placed so you can take a break and enjoy the view.

There is also a restaurant Kastel within the castle that has an interesting interior and exterior that suits the age of the castle which is from the 13th century. A good place to have a meal or just a refreshment after climbing the top of the castle.

If You want You can go to the top of the tower for a small price of 20 kn and when You get to the top you will have a view of the whole town of Karlovac! It is worth it. So that would be a great walk from our apartment Treba Malo Odmorit to an

amazing view :)

Aquae Vivae - spa in Krapinske toplice

Well here is the long-awaited blog! Everyone asks us questions about these spas, so now instead of talking about it, we have a place to redirect inquiries :)

Where to start? Let's go with "where is it" :) Here is the exact location:


This is also a route to drive to, and they are only an hour's drive from the Apartment Treba Malo Odmorit.

Basically, in the very heart of Zagorje, these are the best spas in our opinion (and we visited everything :)).

The entrance itself is great. Of course, they have wheelchair access, which is rare in fact.

I’m not sure, but they seem to have underfloor heating in the locker rooms. It is very warm and comfortable, and the lockers are locked with keyless bracelets. Also, these same bracelets are used for shopping in a restaurant, but more about that later.

Parking is provided for visitors and there is no chance that there are no free spaces. It also has deck chairs enough so there is always room to accommodate. The best place for us is at the top near the children's pool because it is the warmest there … And if we come without a baby then we can sleep easily for a couple of hours: D: D

The same spas are new and awesomely made.

Oh, yea, the slide is not only for children: D Besides the slide, it's great that the inside pool is connected to the outer part... Especially when it's snowing .. while it was snowing, Andrea was making an angel in the snow by the pool (of course in the swimsuit): D: D Probably not everyone will remember that hehe...

Toddler enjoys every time he comes because the water is super warm and there are a lot of kids.

Of course, in every pool, including the outdoor one, there are a lot of different jets for massages and relaxation... Which my father uses :) And well, we do as well: D

It is best to come early in the morning and enjoy the outdoor pool when everything evaporates … And again, especially when it is snowing .. Then it is a special experience...

In summer, an outdoor pool with lots of jets and accompanying facilities is also open. Deckchairs are placed around the pool and it looks cool.

The view is fantastic .. Turquoise blue water is very tempting :) it is best to come in a week when it is least crowded for full enjoyment...

We went for coffee in a restaurant and enjoyed ourselves a little in the pool .. Do not take ceramic cups and go to the pool with them because it is forbidden :) But I must say that it is a real pleasure to drink coffee in a waaaaarm pool :) You need to #TakeABreak there.

After so many activities, you become hungry and thirsty, but there is a restaurant. The prices at the restaurant are acceptable. Let's say some hunting stew or roast meat or some other hot meal ranges from 25-45 kn per serving which is not much.

A portion of french fries is 15 kn, a cake or something sweet is 15 kn each, a salad is 12 kn, bread is 1 kn and 1 slice. Nothing is expensive. For about 70 - 80 kn per person, you can get a full meal and cake afterward. You have to consider that you are at the pool, eating in the swimsuit :)

Of course, there is a pool with waves which is great for kids, but also us of course :)

We like to sit at the beginning with a toddler and then it's like you're on the beach :)

To the right of that pool is a swimming pool that is cooler, more suitable for swimming.

Above the waves is a diving pool where you can take training and the team prepares you for a dive with all the equipment. There is so much to write that I can't even remember because everything is great!

Upstairs there is a children's pool with veeerrryyyy hot water and a height of up to about 30cm which is great for kids, and we enjoy the awesomely warm water. When you look at it, more older people sitting there than kids hehehehe …

The most important thing for us is for the little one to have fun and to be warm there, which is. The color of the water is ultra alluring, you can be there literally all day and you won't get bored.

If you haven't been it is MANDATORY to visit, and if you have been, write us your impressions …