What to visit in Karlovac and more

Advent in Karlovac every December

The fairytale atmosphere and scents of the holidays, as well as the diverse music and entertainment program for all ages, make the city of Karlovac an unavoidable meeting place during Advent.

Experience the favorite time of the year for many, filled with joy, holiday songs, and socializing with loved ones in Karlovac, the city of encounters.

Take a walk along the Karlovac promenade dressed in holiday attire, enjoy the diverse gastronomic offer of holiday delicacies specially designed for this occasion and have fun with numerous music, entertainment, and sports facilities for all generations.
Record your happy moments in Karlovac with photos of the most beautiful locations in the city where you meet and share them with family and friends.

See you in Karlovac…

Let's start with City of Karlovac in general. There are lots of parks, kids playgrounds and of course - rivers.

A big promenade around the river Korana, another one through the city core. Hope these pics will give You a perspective of our beautiful town.
A must-visit is the old castle Dubovac as well as many places to swim on rivers, very close to the apartment. But when You come we also have a guestbook where those sights are detailed for You :)
The old part of town is a few minutes walking from the apartment and can be walked all around the old city core through many amazing parks.
The city of Karlovac is beautiful during any time of the year, but You can be the judge of that :)

Central park of Karlovac situated in the city core
Very close to city center, also part of the forestry school Karlovac
Our famous woooden bridge over the river of Korana
ponton bridge connecting two sides of river Korana in Karlovac
Wooden bridge over the river Korana, close to Aquatika and apartment Treba malo Odmorit
One of many parks in Karlovac, also near apartment Treba Malo Odmorit and tennis club Karlovac
Wooden bridge by night
Karlovac city in winter
Karlovac is know by swans visitng and staying the whole year in city Karlovac
Winters with snow are magical in Karlovac
Another park in Karlovac, very close to city core
Park in city core is so magical during winter
Walking around the river of Korana in Karlovac is so relaxing
Close to apartment Treba Malo Odmorit is a place to swim and have a good time
The view and the sound of river Korana is simply breathtaking
walks by night in Karlovac are mesmorising

The promenade along the Korana river

Aquatika - fresh water aquarium situated in Karlovac

The promenade along the Korana river is very special.. Charge some batteries while you just make a circle from the old wooden bridge to the concrete one on the other side.

Halfway there is Aquatika where you can visit the aquarium, drink coffee or just relax on the benches close to the river Korana.

The promenade itself is a few minutes from the apartment and is beautiful at any time of day or night :)

Swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym - all in one place

Aquatika - fresh water aquarium situated in Karlovac

Near the Treba Malo Odmorit apartment, there is a Trend wellness and fitness center. Everything is in one place.. From the super pool, jacuzzi, Finnish and Turkish sauna and on the floor above there is a gym. The prices are ok and it's all 4 minutes by car or 20 minutes on foot. Click on this link and you will get directions on Google maps.

Nikola Tesla experience center

Aquatika - fresh water aquarium situated in Karlovac

Nikola Tesla lived and went to high school in Karlovac. Now they made an experience center in his honor and You can come and visit .. It is just few minutes walking from the apartment Treba Malo Odmorit and it is quite interesting. You can lear a lot about this great inventor thru short movies and fun facts.

Aquatika - The only Freshwater Aquarium in Croatia

Aquatika - fresh water aquarium situated in Karlovac

Nearby is Aquatika - Freshwater Aquarium, which is the only one of its kind in Croatia. Visit it and see for yourself the exceptional wealth of Croatian rivers, lakes, ponds, and swamps in one place! It can almost be seen from the apartment 😊, but it is located across the Korana River and can be reached in 20 minutes on foot or 4 minutes by car.

The old town of Dubovac

The old town of Dubovac is a must-visit because it is also the oldest monument in Karlovac. When you climb the tower there is a beautiful view of the whole city. 

How to get there and about pricing - read it in our Blog



The MUSEUM OF THE HOMELAND WAR KARLOVAC - Turanj is located at the very exit from the city, but it is worth a visit. Since the construction of the wooden watchtower Turan in 1582, which had guarded the southern entrances to the Karlovac fort from the Ottoman invaders with a military garrison of frontiersmen, Turanj has been an outpost, the last line of defense of the city of Karlovac.



We don't think there's much to talk about. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to reach Plitvice, which is a phenomenon in itself. Be sure to visit if you haven't already because it will blow you away. You also have a very nice description on our Instagram @trebamaloodmorit

Đula’s Abyss

Đula’s Abyss situated in the City of Ogulin

In about 45 minutes drive by Highway or 55 minutes drive by the old road, there is a great cultural monument: Đula's Abyss situated in the City of Ogulin
The abyss of the River Dobra got its name from a young girl whose name was Đula or Zulejka. The legend dates from the 16th century. Zulejka was of noble origin and her parents, as was the custom in those times, promised her to an elderly nobleman.


Klek - The mountain in Ogulin is a great hiking place to go

About an hour and twenty minutes from the apartment is the mountain Klek. Great for a day trip, the very top is a bit demanding to climb, but only slowly and can be climbed.